For my first #olewentwednesday I’m revisiting the Chapel in the Hills, a beautfully constructed Stave church in Rapid City, South Dakota that I visited with my mother and grandmother in 2006. Built in 1969, it is an exact reproduction of the Borgund Stavekirke in Laerdal, Norway. It is yet another beautiful stop in the Black Hills area of South Dakota. If you time it right like we did, you can even catch the Evening Vespers.

In addition to the chapel, there is a museum, gift shop and a meditation walk through the surrounding forest. It is open 8am to 8pm from May 1st until September 30th, and is free to visit. Evening Vespers are 30 minutes long and start at 7:30pm every evening.

[#olewentwednesday is a new part of the Ole Goes experience where I will post a photo of memorable places I’ve been to in my past travels. Just a quick post, with information on visiting so you can explore it on your own!]

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